Thursday, April 14, 2016

Online Cheat Collusion Between Live Games Dealers and Online Players

I have been blogging recently about online cheating and the possibility of advantage play and cheating live online games by the online players logging in to play. I've spoken about the feasibility of card-counting and other advantage play methods for live blackjack and wheel clocking possibilities for live roulette.

But what about collusion between live online blackjack and live online roulette dealers with online players?

Is it possible?


It's already happening!

I have heard several cases of live casino online games being cheated by the live online dealers in both blackjack and roulette. The majority of the cases occur at the beginning of shifts when live dealers know that casino personnel in the real live casinos are coming and going and NOT watching the games, especially the live casino online games.

One live-games casino operating in England had a live roulette dealer just placing the ball in a number slot that corresponded to what his cheat partner bet online as the wheel did its revolutions. Obviously, they worked out the betting number and the exact time of this live roulette cheat move.

In live blackjack, I've gotten reports of dealers manipulating and flashing cards with online cheat partners. Again, this happens mainly during shift changes, especially when the cheating dealers know that live casino surveillance operators are coming and going.

What makes live casino online collusion-cheating more possible is the fact that generally there are no live supervisors on the live blackjack and live roulette tables.

So it's only live casino surveillance that the live cheating dealers have to worry about.

And if they're out of the picture...let the live casino online collusion cheating begin!