Saturday, April 09, 2016

Can Experienced Roulette Dealers actually drop the ball into Number-Zones on their Wheels?

Can he do it?
We all know about the armies of wheel-clockers out there looking to gauge the revolutions and speed of the spinning ball in order to get a good idea of which 6-number-zone the ball will drop and land in.

But what about this from roulette dealers' point of view? Can a dealer help out, either knowingly or unknowingly?

I just got an email from a guy who swears he's onto a cheat scam going on in England with a roulette dealer and his agents, whereby the dealer is aiming at quadrants of numbers on the roulette wheel--and is hitting them with a surprising degree of accuracy. He says that when working with quadrants of 6 numbers, the dealer is hitting that quadrant consistently one in four spins, sometimes one in three.

Suffice it to say, that's pretty damn good--IF it's indeed true.

Normally, I dismiss these claims and get back to my ball game. I even wrote to the guy who told me about this dealer, "Why are you telling me this? If you're on to something that strong, you should be playing that dealer's wheel! Regardless whether he's on to you playing it or not!"

But strangely enough, I have been getting lots of emails on this subject lately, some from roulette dealers themselves testifying that they can beat their own wheels by steering the ball's drop into a number-quadrant.

Well, I am changing my attitude a bit on this. I had long been stubbornly opposed to claims of dealers controlling roulette balls as I had been to craps-shooters controlling rolls of the dice. But times are changing, and with all the high-tech apps out there, who scan say that roulette dealers and wheel-clockers from the outside cannot configure a way to control ball-drops--at least to some point.

Well, I still remain somwhat skeptical but as well equally curious,

And that's where you come in!

So if you hear or have first-hand knowledge about the subject, please pass it on to me.