Thursday, March 31, 2016

Phil Ivey is 30th Casino Cheats Hall of Fame Inductee!!!

Newest Hall of Fame Cheat!
It has happened!

Phil Ivey has become the newest and 30th member of the International Casino Cheats and Poker Cheats Hall of Fame! 

Congratulations, Phil! If anyone deserves this honor, it is surely you!

 Ivey had been under consideration for induction since just after his massive baccarat edge-sorting scam came to light, and while casino sleuths and experts debated whether or not Ivey's casino actions constituted cheating, the Casino Cheats Hall of Fame Induction Committee could not reach a verdict, thus being the first time we've ever had a hung casino-cheats jury.

But the cheating credentials Ivey has, not only as a baccarat edge-sorting cheat but also as a master of poker cash-games collusion (BIG CASH GAMES COLLUSION), were just plain overwhelming and could no longer be ignored by the Casino Cheats Hall of Fame.

So now we have a second professional World Series of Poker tournament champion in the Hall, so I am sure that the first, the notorious Russ Hamilton, will be glad to slide over a bit and make room for Phil's bust in the haloed Hall!

And I imagine that the Induction Committee will soon be considering Phil's foxy-lady partner in casino crime for induction as well. Her name is "Sun" and her bust would look just great next to his!

Read Phil Ivey's Induction here.