Tuesday, March 15, 2016

No! It’s not me out there doing Savannah!!!

Me doing it--but it's only a Game Protection demo!
I can’t believe I’m even saying this! Or better yet…that I have to say this!

It’s been twelve and a half years since I wised up the casino world to my notorious Savannah roulette pinching-move, still generally considered the best casino-cheat move ever concocted, and I am still getting twenty emails a week from both sides of the table.

The cheats are asking me the obvious: Does it still work? Can I still go out and do it?

Casino and surveillance personnel ask if I am aware of anyone out there doing it! LOL

Well, I have to be honest, in spite of my sworn commitment not to encourage casino-cheating to anyone. But the truth is that Savannah is still super effective in the world’s live casinos, mainly because the vast majority of them still haven’t figured out how to safeguard their roulette tables against it. The few casinos that do know how to combat Savannah happen to be my clients in the field of casino table-game protection.

But the REAL Killer is the email I received yesterday from a Midwest US casino surveillance director whom I’d met several years ago at a game protection conference.

His email read: “Rich, I thought you retired years ago…but did you come out of retirement? I’m asking you this because a guy did a Savannah on us with a purple chip ($500) and I could have sworn it was you. The video was top-quality and he had on a hat, but I think I still recognized you! Please say it ain’t so!” (He did not add LOL)

Well…wow! That really threw me for a loop! I wrote back simply: “It ain’t so!” (I did not add LOL either)

Well, to all you casino and surveillance bosses out there who might see video of a guy who looks like me cheating casinos…

I did retire some fifteen years ago—and plan to stay that way! NO BULLSHIT PLEASE!

This all reminds me of a funny story that happened at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut in 1994. I had just laid and claimed a $1,000 Savannah move that took tons of heat. The supervisor told the pit boss, and the pit boss held up the game to check with surveillance before paying me. After he received video verification that it was a legitimate bet, he ordered the dealer to pay me. Then he apologized and said to me,” I’m sorry for the delay but we received photos from Atlantic City casinos of some guy who looks like you cheating roulette wheels with the same bet.”

I nearly shit it my pants! Not from fear but from the unbelievable stupidity of his remark.
Oh, you have a question, right?

The answer is no…this wasn’t the same guy who is now a surveillance director in a Midwest casino…at least I hope not!!!