Thursday, March 17, 2016

Casino Game Protection Post: Top 10 Reasons High-Tech Surveillance Systems Do Not Always Protect Casinos from Cheats

Many of you experience the latest state of the art surveillance video systems at the World Game Protection Conference, but what you should also know is that in many cases it is not enough to stop the casino-cheats and advantage-players.

Here is a top-10 list why:

1) Casino personnel depend too much on them.
2) Casino personnel lack ability to spot cheat scams on their own.
3) Professional cheats have much more knowledge about cheating than casino personnel.
4) Lack of proper and rapid communication between casino floor personnel and surveillance operators.
5) Casino personnel lack ability to pick up on cheats and their scams before they’re put into operation.
6) Failure of casino personnel to understand how cheats silently communicate in casinos.
7) Failure of casino personnel to recognize how casino cheats obtain large denomination chips without their knowledge.
8) Failure of casino personnel to differentiate between a set-up bet and a completely honest bet.
9) Casino personnel lacks understanding of the psychology casino cheats use to control them.

10) Casinos do not implement proper cage operations to pick up on cheats cashing out chips.