Thursday, December 31, 2015

Vegas Set for New Year´s Eve Casino Wars!

New Year´s Eve in Vegas
Call it the Great Crusades of Casino and Poker Cheating!

The casino cheats are loading their gadgets; casino surveillance is loading up their cameras; Griffin Investigations and other casino investigatory bodies are beefing up their patrols...everyone´s getting ready for the big New Year´s Eve casino-cheating bang!

And it will come!

New Year's Eve is always the numero-uno prime-time casino and poker-cheat invasion of the world´s casinos, especially in Las Vegas. This is because the vast crowds inside the casinos and the huge action afford the cheats the best possible conditions to work in. There is just too much action in casinos for their security and surveillance staffs to adequately protect their gaming tables and slot machines, and when there is a suspected cheating incident, it is too un-profitable to stop the game and wait while surveillance check the footage from the cameras. Imagine, how much money the casino would lose when stopping a jam-packed roulette or craps game for fifteen minutes!

So how profitable can New Year´s Eve be for a good professional casino.cheat team?

Well, I will tell you this: on New Year´s Eve 1999, which was my last New Year´s Eve working casinos, I entered Caesars Palace with my three casino-cheat partners and did a total of fifteen $10,000 moves, half of them Savannah roulette moves and the other half blackjack pastpost moves. They all got paid without any heat and we cleared $125,000! Not bad for a night´s work, right?

And of course this time of year I get a vast increase in emails, lots of them asking me if Savannah still works in casinos.I do not want to encourage anyone to cheat in casinos, but I cannot lie either, so you can figure out what the answer to that question is.

Overall, I expect Las Vegas alone to lose some $2 to $3 million to cheats tonight, with maybe an arrest or two of those unlucky enough to get caught and busted, But all considering, the odds are never more with the cheats than on New Year´s Eve.

And Happy New Year to you all!