Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New False-Shuffle Baccarat Scams Appearing in Asian and US Casinos

Ever since the infamous Tran Organization false-shuffle baccarat scam that corrupted dealers and floor personnel across the US and Canada, beating casinos for some $30 million over a five-year period, every Tom, Dick and Harry casino-cheat and their girlfriends and families have seemingly jumped on the min-baccarat cheating wagon. Just in the last month alone we have seen major cases netting several hundreds of thousands of dollars in several casinos worldwide. These scams continue ramping-up in Asia, especially Singapore, where the crooked dealers and their cohorts seem to be false-shuffling as much as their real-shuffling!

Accounts of the same-type scams are coming in From Ohio,Texas and Louisiana as well. And if this isn´t enough the dealer-agent pastposting scams are also reeling and rocking casinos in the US, especailly at craps and roulette tables, where dealers are just simply looking the other way while their cohorts are adding chips to bets that have already one. Some of these instances are so amateurish that I can hardly believe the six-figure sums coming off the tables in individual casinos.

When will it stop?

Probably never.