Saturday, January 24, 2015

Talk About STUPID with a capital S!

STUPID casino cheat 
Now there are lots of brazen casino cheats and poker cheats out there. Some of them are smart, so of them are not so smart, and some of them are downright STUPID! Read the following article about a long-time Las Vegas based blackjack and roulette-pastposting cheat and you´ll get what I mean. 
Convicted casino cheater Jubreal Chahine may have been slick enough to elude Las Vegas police, who have lodged seven arrest warrants against him for casino-related crimes in the Silver State.
But the 40-year-old Nevada resident wasn't smart enough to fool security at Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem this week. Maybe he wasn't on his game.
Despite being listed on the Nevada Gaming Control Board's "Most Wanted" list, Chahine applied for a player's card using his correct name and birth date.
Sands casino officials quickly determined that he was wanted and alerted the Pennsylvania state troopers stationed at the casino. Officers approached Chahine on the casino floor Saturday afternoon and arrested him.
"Sands subscribes to various industry databases, through which they were able to see who he was," state police Sgt. Robert Caprari said. "The trooper confirmed his identity and found that he was also wanted on charges from two other Pennsylvania casinos."
Chahine was arrested without incident, Caprari said.

Las Vegas officials say that Chahine is one of the worst cheaters to stroll the strip.
Court records show he's been arrested 14 times since 1999, in gambling halls all over Las Vegas and Reno. Casino security officers have caught him slipping more chips on roulette tables after the wheel was spun, and surreptitiously upping his blackjack bet after seeing his hand.
There are seven active warrants out for Chahine, for allegedly failing to show up for trial in Nevada for casino-related offenses.
"He's a repeat offender," said Karl Bennison, chief of enforcement for the Nevada Gaming Control Board. "Guys like him, they get caught, and they just come back. He's gone to prison for this, but he keeps doing it."
Chahine was charged in Bethlehem with being a fugitive from justice and jailed in Northampton County Prison under $150,000 bail.
Bennison, who spent part of his childhood in Easton, said he was pleased to hear that Chahine was caught. Although Chahine is well known in Vegas casinos, he's been slick enough to get away with the same crimes over and over.
"Our casinos are pretty open, so it's not hard for people like this to get in," he said. "In some overseas casinos, players go through a turnstile, but we have multiple entrances. And it can get very crowded."
Dealers are trained to thwart scammers like Chahine, Bennison said, but sometimes they get distracted.
"That's why we have the eye in the sky," Bennison said, referring to the numerous security cameras in modern casinos.
Chahine is wanted on seven counts of attempting fraudulent acts in a gaming establishment, a felony. Court records say he uses numerous aliases, including Alexander Allen, Allen Gabriel, Gabriell Allen, Gabriel Alexander and Allen Allen.
If convicted in Nevada, he could face more than a year in prison for each crime, as well as fines exceeding $10,000.
While the casinos are the alleged victims in Chahine's case, Bennison said scammers often don't stop at stealing from the establishments — they target other players.
"They'll take your chips when you're not looking, or reach over and print out your winnings at a slot machine while you're distracted," he said. "Casinos do a lot to protect their guests, but you should definitely be aware of your surroundings and take precautions."