Friday, October 16, 2015

Ace Face and Bim to perform Savannah Roulette Move in front of Millions!

Bim and Ace Face
It's true! They will appear on National Geographic's "Underworld Inc." series this Wednesday night, October 21. The name of the show is "Las Vegas Hustle." See trailer here.

You wanna know more about Ace Face and Bim? Here's the real scoop! I did work with them both back in the ´80s and ´90s. In fact, Ace Face is one of the early pioneers of the Ten-O-Five Blackjack Move, which he will also be doing on the Underworld Inc. Las Vegas Hustle TV show. He was simply the best at it, and with his cool, handsome James Bond demeanor, he did a number across the blackjack tables from Las Vegas to London, really terrorizing casinos worldwide..

Bim, whom we actually did call "Bim" back in the day and still do, is a really incredible character. Such is how he got his nickname "Bim." The name is a chopped version of "bimbo," although Bim is not at all a bimbo. He´s just a bim! I guess you gotta spend some time with him to get what I mean.

I will tell you this, however: Bim is always so stoned that he can smoke any Rasti in Jamaica under the table at any time!!! And the more stoned he was, the more he kicked the casino's ass!!! Another thing I can tell you about the Bim: he had absolutely no fear of anything! I used to joke with him," Bim, you're scared shit of these casinos, aren't you?" And he'd chuckle and say, "petrified!" I don't know why he had such balls and no fear, but maybe it was due to his being too stoned all the time to interpret fear???

Ace Face and Bim were not around during the inception of the famous Savannah move but they knew a great thing when they saw it, so they initiated their own Savannah road tour in the late '90s just as I was getting ready to retire. They had it down to a tee and Bim had no trouble playing the drunk-role as he was always already stoned! And to all of you who constantly ask me if the Savannah move can still be done in today's casinos, this should suffice as the answer!

As I was told, Ace Face was out fishing when Bim told him about the Savannah move. With the rod in his hand and a big-one dangling from the hook, Ace Face decided to drop the line in the water, row the friggin´ boat back to sure and get on the next plane to Vegas!

Can't wait to see the show. And neither can you!!!