Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Push to Induct Phil Ivey into the casino and poker cheats Hall of Fame

We all know about Ivey's multi-million-dollar casino-cheatng exploits by way of edge-sorting at the baccarat tables, both in London's Crockfords Casino and the Atlantic city Borgata Casino. Edge-sorting is the practice of manipulating the decks of cards by a player so that their non-uniformed backs, by way of faulty manufacturing design, may be used to identify the face-values of the cards. This practice has been declared cheating by courts in both the UK and the United States, however, Ivey, who will not be paid outstanding casino-winnings by Crockfords, as ruled by a London court, is not subject to arrest or criminal charges from the incident. And he will most likely keep all his profits from Atlantic City and whatever other casinos he may have cheated.

It is estimated that Ivey has earned as much as $20 million by swindling baccarat tables worldwide, which surely puts him in an elite group as far as casino and poker cheats are concerned. But many varibles in addition to earnings are required to be considered for induction into the Casino and Poker Cheats Hall of Fame.There is of course longevity, variation of cheat moves and avoidance of being court and prosecuted. Since Ivey, who has never been accused of poker cheating during his illustrious career as a poker pro, only appeared briefly on the casino-cheating scene and is most likely retired from casino-cheating activity, it is not likely he will be inducted in the Hall of Fame anytime soon.

But I do believe he will eventually get there...the huge sum of money he pilfered from casinos is just too much to ignore!