Monday, March 24, 2014

Casino Cheating With the Stars! Why Not?

I have just sent a TV treatment to my agent for a new TV reality show based on competitive team casino-cheating. It is called "Casino Cheating With the Stars" and would be similar to "Dancing With the Stars."

Why not? with all the reality TV shows flooding the airwaves, everything from Tattoo freaks to duck hunters to storage herders, is there not room for casino-cheats duking it out?

"Casino-Cheating With the Stars" works like this: Groups of 4-man casino-cheat teams (each with 2 celebs and 2 real casino-cheats) start the qualifying rounds by showing how they can cheat the casino out of $25. Then in the next qualifying round they have to cheat the casino out of $100. The last qualifying hurdle is $500.

Then eliminations begin as the teams must do casino-cheat moves for $1,000 and $5,000. Then more eliminations until four teams make the casino-cheating "Final Four." Then the cheat-stakes remain at $5,000 until the final casino-cheat championship betweent the two remaining teams, when they both enter a HORSE-type finale doing $10,000 cheat moves. The only difference between my casino-cheating HORSE and basketball HORSE is that the team following the first successful $10,000 cheat move does not have to copy that move; they only have to duplicate the amount.

All the rounds must be completed by one singe casino-cheat move to make the amount of money at that level. Naturally real casinos have to be involved but their floor staffs will not be advised to the cheat competition. I know this might be hard to pull off, but it´s certainly worth the shot!