Thursday, February 27, 2014

Casino Table Game Protection...Training, Seminars, Classes

Casino bosses and table games directors are always asking themselves what is the best way to initiate game protection for their floor staffs, surveillance operators and security personnel. Many direct the vast majority of their casino´s game protection budgets to costly game protection seminars that boast well-known but mostly irrelevant speakers as far as real casino game protection is involved. And to boot, some casinos in their naivete send groups of their employees to the same seminars.

I have always said, and have always taught to my casino clients, that the bottom line for casino game protection training is simply about keeping the teaching and learning methods simple. In fact, much of it can be reduced to something very simple that you have all heard of...a checklist. In the same way that pilots of airliners have checklists before taking off, casino employees on the floor should have similar checklists that must be followed and updated during their nonstop operations. By following such checklists, given that they are the right ones, casinos would be able to nip the vast majority of casino and poker cheat scams at the bud, way before they even threaten the casino´s coffers.

Apart from this, casino trainers are busying themselves too much with high-tech cheating scams that in reality happen rarely and in only certain type-select casinos. Remember: more than 99% of all casino cheat scams are done the old-fashioned way: no cameras, computers or cheat gadgets of any kind.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Undetectable Loaded Dice in use on Casino Craps Tables?

There have been reports of professional casino cheat teams working craps tables with a new brand of loaded dice that are supposedly extremely difficult to detect. The reports are coming from US midwestern casinos, mainly those in Detroit. While I have no specific evidence of this, the claims say that the boxmen you see habitually examining the dice in play cannot notice these slightly weighed dice on peripheral inspection, which, of course, would be enough for the dice cheats to successfully work craps tables.

As far as switching in loaded dice and removing the originals is concerned, that in itself is not too difficult for those skilled in slight of hand and deversionary tactics. But the question is really whether these dice can pass eveb the perfunctory examination that boxmen routinely give dice, especially when they jettison from the table. My opinion on this is that it is surely possible that with the improved technology seen in all types of casino and poker cheating these days, some new gaffed dice would be effective and pass inspection at the craps tables, but it would be nearly impossible for loaded dice to pass for legitimate dice when really put to the test once they´re taken off the table.

I will have more on this in the months to come.