Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Super Bowl Weekend Casino and Poker Cheat Reports In!

Seattle not only SB winner!
As many of you know, Super Bowl Weekend is the second biggest casino cheat event of the year, preceeded only by New Year´s Eve. And the difference is not much.

Each Super Bowl Sunday, or I should say Super Bowl Friday and Saturday Night, the casinos around North America and the Caribbean are packed with gamblers, football fans, and, of course, poker cheats and casino cheats. Las Vegas always sees the biggest of these crowds.

However, and it may be surprising to you, but the annual Super Bowl Casino Cheating report sheets show that the casinos victimized for the biggest amount of money lost to professional casino cheats were those located in Western Canada. Various baccarat and blackjack scams, many involving baccarat´s famous Panda and Dragon side bets, took place during the frantic action seen is Western Canadian casinos. There is so much oil money being thrown around in those casinos that the staffs working for them hardly notice the money being lost to the cheats.

But don´t think Vegas got off lightly. Several million was lost to cheats there as well, including to a highly sophisticated roulette team from Italy pastposting black hundred dollar chips straight up on numbers, and where the limits allowed, even two of them on a single winning number.

I believe firmly that these early 2014 casino cheat reports indicate a steady increase in low-tech casino cheating as I had predicted earlier in the year.