Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What will be the biggest casino/Poker Cheat Scam of 2014?

Well, we had had some big ones in 2013, such as the Phil Ivey baccarat edge-sorting card scam at Crockfords casino in London, and the inside casino-surveillance-camera hacking scam at the Crown casino in Australia. Both these will be pretty hard to beat, not only in 2014 but in years to come.

But don`t get me wrong! I am not saying that they won´t be beat, only that it will be difficult. As I previously stated that more low-tech scams will proliferate in casinos and poker rooms this year, especially that of card-marking, I still think that we will see one or two big-time high-tech casino cheat scams.

Where and when will they happen?

Heck! If I knew, I´d be out there doing them. But I will say this: It will most likely be away from the baccarat tables, where a huge amount of high-tech scams have taken place in recent years. I would look  to the roulette tables. It has been quite a while since high-tech casino cheats have plied their craft at roulette. In fact, we haven´t seen much high-tech roulette cheats in action since the roulette laser computer cheats five or six years ago.

So I imagine that some high-tech roulette cheats are spinning their wheels right now to come up with a beauty--pardon the pun!