Tuesday, April 22, 2014

High-Tech Loaded Dice in Detroit Casinos?

A few months ago I reported that there was a possibility that undetectable loaded dice were floating over casinos in Detroit, Michigan. I clearly stated that I had no evidence of it, only that I'd received some reports on the subject from various sources. Well, after waiting anxiously for more on this and hoping to have some exciting news, it hasn't come. This doesn't mean that it never happened but could mean that for some reason the use of high-grade loaded dice may have stopped for some reason, either temporarily or indefinitely. I simply have had no reports on them since, and the sources who'd originally supplied the information tell me they have heard nothing more about it. So in spite of all this, I am not going to say it was all bullshit. I'm just going to say that for now it is all quiet on the green-felt front.