Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Universal Return to Low-Tech Casino Cheating in 2014?

Yes! I think we will be seeing a decrease in all the high-tech laser scanner and digital casino cheating and an increase in good ol' fashioned low-tech casino cheat moves, not only in 2014 but also in the years to come. I believe this trend will be seen as well in poker cheating.

Why? Because casinos have shifted their entire surveillance and security operations to catch high-tech cheats, and they are getting smarter, especially after the high-tech $30 Million cheat scam pulled off at the Crown Casino in Australia, and Phil Ivey's attempt to swindle Crockfords Casino in London out of $12 Million. Ivey's failure at pulling off an-edge sorting scam at the baccarat table really shows casinos' improvement in defending themselves against high-tech scams.

So now we will see a proliferation of low-tech professional casino cheats who will take advantage of the casinos' now "less covered" areas. I am not talking about the average cheats who take shots now and then but rather the real pro teams who can pull off moves such as the roulette Savannah scam and roulette slide.
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