Friday, November 08, 2013

Pai Gow Tile Swapping...That's a First!

Well, I`ve written about card-swapping in poker games, derivative poker carnival games and baccarat. I've written about chip-swappng and swithing at blackjack, but now this new casino-cheating-switching-swapping incident is a new one: How about switching and swapping tiles in a Pai Gow game?

I know it's a tongue-twister just to say it, but these two guys actually did it...and got caught...twice! 39-year-old Tan Guo Yu of Boston, Mass, and 32-year-old Chaoyu Wu of Brooklyn, New York, worked a distract-the-dealer scam with one of them distracting the dealer while the other switched around pai gow tiles to make winning hands. They got caught at Foxwoods casino in Connecticut, and it turns out they'd been previously arrested for the same scam at Foxwoods' neighboring casino, the Mohegan sun. That was back in June.

I don't have info as to how much cash they swindled, but it appears to me that the Yu-Wu casino cheating team wasn't very effective and that soon, the only thing they'll be switching and swapping is a pair of prison cells!