Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Did Phil Ivey´s Foxy Cheat Partner Engineer their Edge-Sorting Baccarat Scam?

Note the difference
Now that all the juicy details are in, it may be so, but I still don't think so. Chung Yin Sun, the beautiful Asian baccarat cheat partner that Ivey escorted into London's Crockfords casino, has fallen under suspicion as being the actual leader of baccarat-cheat duo. This is primarily because she has a history of being denied payments by UK casinos after gambling wins, and was seen holding a suspicious baccarat chart during the play where they won $12 million.

The scam centered around a new advantage-play  technique called edge-sorting. This can occur in many different forms, but the main gig is that the back-designs of the playing cards are assymmetrical, although in tiny detail but enough for the sharpest baccarat-cheat teams to turn a huge advantage to their side.  Casino cheats spotting the flawed cards and then using them to their advantage are not guilty of cheating, only performing an advantage play. However, when the advantage players arrange for the defective cards to either get into play or stay in play once on the table, then we are talking about pre-meditated casino cheating, which overwhelmingly seems to be the case with Phil Ivey and Chung Yin sun, who appears to be of Korean descent.

I personally think Ivey put it all together, but it is very possible that the foxy Oriental beauty had the flawed-card connection. In either case, you can bet your last baccarat chip, or any chip for that matter, that the dynamic baccarat cheat duo are not gonna profit beyond some negative publicity and maybe even some widespread banning from certain if not all UK casinos.