Thursday, August 22, 2013

What Really Went on at the Crown Casino in Australia?

Everyone has heard about it by now. A few months back, someone supposedly hacked into the casino's video surveillance cameras and used them to obtain information to cheat the Crown Casino out of $33 million. Well, this all sounds great and might be reminiscent of certain exciting action films like the "Ocean" series, but there is definitely something wrong here. I mean, stop and think about this. Okay, let's say that someone really did hack into the surveillance cameras. Now what? What do you see by hacking surveillance cameras? As far as I know, only things that are happening in the present or in the past. Current hands or hands already dealt. Nothing...ABSOLUTELY nothing concerning future hands and future outcomes. So what's the purpose of hacking into surveillance cameras in a casino? Where's the scam? So, maybe the Crown Casino has laid down a massive bullshit story. Maybe they don't want anyone to know what really happened and how the $33 million disappeared from the casino's coffers. Could this be a big coverup from a massive employee theft? It's surely a possibility. One thing I do know is that hacking surveillance cameras serves absolutely no purpose to cheaters. Why? Because what they would see has nothing to do with FUTURE outcomes. What's the difference between seeing the hands played out live or seeing them played out on video tape? There is none.