Friday, April 05, 2013

Cheating at Poker attack on Mississippi Stud Poker!

Mississippi Stud Poker is being cheated by professional card-marking poker cheat teams in several casinos, mostly on the east cost. The card-markers are marking the cards on the table and using their advantage to decided when to stay in the hands and make the maximum 3-bet wager.

This is nothing surprising to me since all these poker derivative games have always been right for those skilled at cheating at poker games in casinos. The poker cheats take advantage of the lax attitude that casino bosses and supervisors have toward these games. They just never seem to watch the action on the derivative poker tables as intensely as they do the other gaming tables.

My advice for casino staffs is to watch out for players on the Mississippi Stud Poker tables who seeming make foolish decisions to stay or fold hands that end up being right too much of the time. I will have more on this new cheating at poker endemic shortly.