Monday, January 07, 2013

Casino Table Game Protection Classes in 2013

I will be continuing my Game Protection Training Class Services in 2013.

 This includes Casino Game Protection Seminars and Training, Casino Surveillance Training, Hands-On Dealer and Supervisor Staff Training (this means I get behind the tables with the dealers and SHOW them how to protect their table games).

 I also conduct undercover casino floor investigations to determine why and how particular areas of your casino are not performing like they should be. This includes pinpointing advantage-play, cheating scams, employee theft and dishonest dealers and supervisors working with agents to steal from and cheat the casino.

I am the most qualified expert in the world to offer these services as I have been both a dishonest casino dealer and the most prolific casino cheat in history.

Beware that most of the other so-called game protection experts out there are nothing more than magicians and card-tricksters who make you think they are experts at casino game protection. Some go as far to exaggerate casino cheat scams and advantage-play tactics to make you believe you need to hire them.

 As dishonest as I was as a casino cheat is as HONEST as I am today as a game protection consultant. I provide casino-client references upon request.

 Here is my casino table games protection page detailing all my classes and services.

 Contact me for more details.