Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ohio is Newest Casino--Cheating Groind in US

Hollywood Casino Toledo
The two new casinos that have recently opened up in Ohio, the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland and the Hollywood Casino in Hollywood, have been getting hit by both professional casino and poker-cheat teams. This is nothing new for new casino areas, especially in the US where casino and poker personnel are quite weak in rookie casinos.

The reports I have been getting is that the bulk of the cheating is simple past-posting(late bets), bet-capping (adding to winning bets) and bet-pinching, which is swiping losing bets off the layout before the dealer notices them. I have heard some reports of fake chips being put into play, which of course is a more serious offense and could costs these young casinos lots of money.

In the meantime, I expect this rash of casino and poker cheating to continue steadily for at least the next year or two.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here's a Nasty Little Casino Cheating Trick!

Casino security and suarveillance heads have been reporting a a new highly sophisticated casino-cheat device called a slot machine bill validator. This is a very high-tech cheating device that is reminiscent of the coin-attached-to-a-string device that slot cheats used some 30 years ago to spin the machine's reels while afterward retrieving the coin hooked onto the string.

Today's device is a paperlike facsimile of a $100 bill which has two prongs on separate ends that once inserted into the bill validation slot trigger the machine to read it as a legitimate $100 bill. And the beauty is that you don't have to repeat the process. Once the machine is activated to read any denomination bill as a $100 bill, the cheat is in business. Using $1 bills for $100 credits is $99 in profit before you even push the button!

I would take those payoff odds in a New York second!