Saturday, March 31, 2012

Have Online Poker Cheats Moved Over to Brick and Mortar Tables?

As online poker sites continue to make advances against the flocks of online poker cheats cheating your pants off by way of collusion, bots, hand-trackers, etc, some of the cheats working the online field have indeed begun plying their skills at brick and mortar poker tables, both in live games and in tournaments. One question you might have about this is "Well, how to online poker cheats meet up with live partners to cheat the real poker world?...Or do they work alone?"

In the vast majority of cases they do not work alone. Poker cheating is always more effective with multi-players doing the cheating...I wouldn't say exponentially so, but certainly enough to make a big difference. Online poker cheats simply hook up with other willing online poker cheats via chatting, and when the time is right and to their liking, they meet in person and form their brick and mortar poker cheat teams.

The big disadvantage to them is that they will have to cheat in the open, but in virtually all collusion-cases of poker cheating, there is no risk of getting arrested and charged with a poker-cheating crime, and very little risk of even getting barred from a brick and mortar poker room.

The trend is that we will probably see a slow but steady increase in these "poker-cross" cheats, with more arrving to the brick and mortar tables when the online poker sites are most vigilant, and with more retreating back to their computers when online poker security is lax.