Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Does Your Casino Need a Table Game Protection Seminar or Surveillance Training in 2013?

Table Game Seminar
Well, what has 2012 told you? Are your numbers down? Is your Baccarat hold less than it should be, especially those EZ baccarat tables with all the Panda and Dragon action? What about Roulette and Blackjack? Any sniffs of possible inside dealer scams...maybe with supervisor involvement?

These are the questions you upper casino management directors have to ask yourselves. Remember, in addition to my informative and essential game protection seminar, with emphasis on table games, I now perform complete undercover surveillance operations on casino floors.

If anyone can weed out the scams, advantage play and inside cheating, believe me, it's me! Not to sound "clicheish" but I more than been there and done that.

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