Monday, July 16, 2012

Why dr. Edward O. Thorp is Not in the Casino Cheats Hall of Fame

Not a Casino Cheat
You have all heard of the renowned mathematics professor Edward O. Thorp, who back in 1960 wrote the original Card-Counting Bible titled "Beat the Dealer," which for many is still considered the all-out bible for those interested in counting cards at blackjack to beat the casinos. I have been getting some emails asking why Mr. Thorp has not been inducted into the Richard Marcus Books Poker and Casino Cheats Hall of Fame.

Well the reason is quite simple and should be obvious. Despite Mr. Thorp's numerous appearances on many TV shows that relate to casino and poker cheating, the man himself has never had anything to do with cheating in casinos or cheating at poker, at least to my knowledge. Although many casinos over the past few decades have tried to get blackjack card-counting to be considered as casino cheating in their jurisdictions, none, again at least to my knowledge have ever succeeded. Therefore since card-counting at blackjack is not illegal or cheating, Dr. Edward O. Thorp is not, nor has ever been a casino cheat.