Friday, October 21, 2011

Poker Cheats and Casino Cheats Boot Camp?

Getting fit to poker cheat
According to an email I received today, that's exactly what one potential casino and poker cheating person wants. He directed me to the days of poker boot camps that I believed were started by Phil Hellmuth and a few other notable cheating and non-cheating poker pros.

Well, I can't take this poker and casino cheat request TOO seriously because even if I wanted to actually do it, it would be pretty hard to pull off. First off, it would have to be completely underground as I could not freely advertise it, even on my poker cheating website! Can you imagine me printing "Poker Cheat Boot camp Available To All!" or "Casino Cheats, Come To Me and I will Hone your Skills!"???

Afraid not! I might find myself in some serious trouble with all sorts of crime fighting agencies. And besides, I really don't want to actually encourage people to try cheating casinos and poker games. It is VERY dangerous!