Saturday, October 08, 2011

Identity Theft Mixing More and More With Casino Cheating!

Casino cheats have been using quality fake IDs in and around casinos lately. Firstly, it is great to have a great set of fake ID if you're caught cheating a casino and get hustled off to the back room and interrogated, especially if you don't get arrested and never give up your fingerprints. In this scenario, all the intercasino bulletins will be looking out for a phony name, and if you disguise yourself up a bit, you will be able to cheat casinos under their radar.

Also, casino cheats are turning to thieving IDs while working slot and casino promotion and VIP player bonus scams, using various phony IDs to bilk the casinos out of complementary programs by racking up bunches of bonus points under phony names.

And stretching it a bit, at least one notorious casino cheat has used the best fake ID of all to avoid capture...that claiming he is "Mr. Dead"! This guy (I won't bother naming what is supposed to be his real name because it probably isn't) raked millions out of casinos in Singapore and the Philippines and then when the heat got hot, he simply had an obituary written on him and published in newspapers in both countries!

Not a bad way to beat the heat!!!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Major Las Vegas Dice-Sliding Casino Craps Cheat Scam Allegedly Run By Two PokerStars Online Poker Pros!


Wynn Las Vegas has filed a lawsuit against Veronica Dabul and Leonardo Fernandez, who are with Team PokerStars, for allegedly cheating the casino of $700,000 at Craps. The duo stand accused of collaborating with other players to scoot or slide dice, a system of throwing the dice in such a way that at least one of it shows a winning number. Dice sliding, however, is not easy and players hardly use this method to cheat the casino.

According to Craps experts, the objective of dice sliding is to get at least one six, which enhances the slider’s odds of collecting a large payout. Even if dice sliding does not result in two sixes, it is guaranteed to turn up a number greater than seven, enabling dice sliders to win large prizes if they bet on numbers greater than seven.

Legally, dice should be shot in such a manner that they bounce and rebound from the table’s back wall. Experts say that a dice slider distracts the dealer so that he/she fails to observe that the dice are being scooted. If the Craps dealer observes that the dice are not shot in the proper manner, he/she must announce the move invalid and ask the shooter to toss the dice once again.

Leonardo Fernandez of Buenos Aires is part of Team PokerStars Pro at present. He finished 257th and collected a large prize of $35,383 in World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2008. In January 2011, he finished second and collected $554,924 in the High Roller PCA $25k tournament.

Veronica Dabul is no longer a sponsored pro at PokerStars. She finished 235th and won $35,383 at WSOP 2008 Main Event. In 2009, she won the Shark Conservation Poker Tournament, which was held in Costa Rica. Dabul has won a total of $200k playing poker so far.

Wynn Casino has a series of video tapes showing the duo sliding dice at the Craps tables over a period of one month. The two hardly played together, and Fernandez never bet on the results of dice slid by him. According to the lawsuit, different teams of players indulged in dice sliding at different times and at different tables.

The office of the district attorney has not booked the two on criminal charges although they were arrested and Dabul was in jail for two days before being released, owing to which the lawsuit filed by Wynn Casino is of a civil nature.

My take: Wow! This is big stuff! I guess some of these online pros we heard about with contracts to represent online sites such as PokerStars aren't earning as much money from these online giants as one might think. This scam had been going on for a month and apparently included a significant group of people. We may be seeing this dynamic duo cheating brick and mortar poker tables by way of collusion...if they're not doing it online already!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Electronic Roulette Wheel Chjeats Out There!

Many of you may think that casino cheats cannot cheat electronic roulette wheels, but think again! Roulette cheats have come up with ingenious ways to do just that. In one case, a casino pit boss colluded with a group of organized casino cheats and pressed a button which signalled the ball to drop in one of the numbers his cohorts had wagered on. In another clever electronic roulette scam, the cheats converted casino comps into cash by covering all the bets on the layout which nullified their bets.

But the real ingenious scam on which clever electronic roulette cheats needed no inside help was the one where the cheats figured out, much the way they do on biased roulette wheels, that both the little ivory roulette ball and spinning wheel on several electronic tables never deviated speeds, thus they simply "clocked" those speeds and figured where the ball would land and bet accordingly.

My take: I love to hear casinos getting beat in areas where they think they cannot be!