Monday, August 01, 2011

Retired Hall of Fame Casino Cheat Comes Out of Retirement--At 76 Years Old!

Joe Classon
The great legendary casino and poker cheat, who happens to be my casino cheating mentor who taught me the ropes on cheating casinos and who also is the inventor of many effective casino-cheat moves including the famous "Rainbow Move" that happens to be this month's Scam of the Month has come out of retirement and is now actively cheating age 76!

His name, of course, is Joe Classon.

You have all witnessed countless comebacks by famous retired athletes, but as far as I know, this is the first comeback by an "infamous" casino cheat. That he is doing it at the age of 76 is truly a marvel. Why? Because you have to be incredibly in charge of all your mental and physical abilities to be a top-notch casino cheat--even at the age of 21.

Why is Joe Classon doing this?

He called me up the other night and said he was bored. He also wanted to know if I wanted to come out of retirement and join him! Believe me, it was tempting. I am kind of getting bored too in my old age, and I am some twenty years younger than Joe. In any case, I told him no but begged him to keep me abreast of his current and future cheating activities. Joe told me he got a kick out of playing around with my famous "Savannah" roulette pinching move--to the tune of earning $50,000 during the last month with it in Vegas and Atlantic City. He gave me the news after the fact, meaning he has been out stomping the casinos for a month without my knowledge. He also confirmed that the Savannah is the best casino-cheating move ever conceived and believes that the casinos worldwide will never be able to defend against it.

I wished him luck, and after hanging up the phone I had second thoughts--and third thoughts--and even fourth and fifth thoughts about hanging up these computer keys and getting back out there on the green felt battlefield.

But I chickened out.

Good Luck, Joe!!!!