Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Online "Cheat Roulette Experts" and Their Online Roulette Cheating Software...What's the Real Gig Here?

Many of you online roulette players, I am sure, have come across so-called online-roulette-cheating-expert sites telling you about their software to help you successfully cheat online roulette, and some of them even give you moral advice about online roulette cheating as if to say that they already know that you know their online roulette cheating software is the goods, and now the only thing left for you to decide is whether you should cheat or not...almost like cheating at online roulette is no more difficult than taking candy from a baby.

Here is such an online roulette cheating expert site with the following aritcle. It's called popular-hobbies.info and here's what it says:

"Owner of CheatRoulettex, an online resource for people learning how to cheat roulette, Jake Jenkins has become concerned about the meteoric rise in roulette software. While potentially lucrative, Jenkins warns that few consider the risks that go into attempting to cheat roulette both off line and online.

“I’m not one to advise people whether or not they should cheat roulette. However, it would be irresponsible of me to give the green light to people wanting to cheat casino games like roulette” Jenkins notes. “Using roulette software has been an excellent investment for many people. And there’s no question that it beats using your gut to pick numbers or color. However, I’ve noticed that the advertisements for those programs don’t take into consideration the very real risk that comes with trying to cheat roulette. CheatRouletteX.com preaches responsible use of roulette software.

What are the potential risks that come from cheating roulette? “First, there’s the very real possibility that you can get caught. Most of the time, this will only result in the closing of your online casino account. However, certain casinos may take things a step further and press charges and/or seek to get your winnings back.”

What can gamblers do to minimize the risk of running into problems as they cheat roulette? Firstly, you should choose your roulette software wisely. There seems to be new products popping up every single day. Many of these are unproven in terms of effectiveness. Even worse, they can leave footprints that will allow the online casinos to possibly prosecute you. To avoid this mess, only use reputable lottery software to cheat roulette. Also, ensure that the bank account that’s linked to your casino isn’t the same one you use for bill paying. Some casinos can wipe out your entire bank account, leaving you broke.”

Jenkins notes that, although serious, the likelihood of you getting busted are quite slim. “While gamblers should be concerned and aware of the risk of trying to cheat roulette, this doesn’t mean cheating equals being caught. I just think it’s important to inform people about the potential downsides of cheating casino games. While you may not get busted while you utilize cheat roulette software, you should at least be a little weary while you do it.""

So, what about this?

In short, it's all about nothing because the online roulette cheating software pitched here and on all these other online-cheat-expert sites is worthless bullshit. It is even less effective than roulette computers being used to clock the ball in real brick and mortar casinos.