Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is the Future of Playing Online Poker in the US Threatened by US Justice Department Attack on Online Poker Sites?

It may be a form of online poker cheating by the US Justice Department, meaning that they are doing everything they can to cheat US citizens and residents from playing online poker, which is something that a great many of them apparently want to do.

Just recently the US Justice department indicted eleven people associated with PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, charging them with massive tax frauds, money laundering and various other charges. Does this mean that you as a player are somehow threatened by the US government if you continue playing or trying to play poker online?

Absolutely not! Do not worry. The US government is going through all these motions but even it knows that someday, probably in the near future, online poker, and even online gambling in other forms, will be regulated if not totally legalized in all 50 United States. In any event, Uncle Sam is not going to come after you and seize your computer and throw you in jail for anything you do concerning online poker--unless you are running an online poker site based in the Unites States.