Saturday, December 24, 2011

Poker Cheat Settlements Linked to "High Stakes Poker" TV Show.

I have been saying for years that the GAMING SHOW NETWORK's "High Stakes Poker" show is all bullshit where no real money changes hand. Here is an interesting piece of news involving Gabe Kaplan, the former TV actor-turned poker broadcaster who coincidently is one of the broadcasters of that fraudulent show. Read this and tell me if you still actually believe there is one grain of truth to the crap you see on "High Stakes Poker."

News: Tobey Maguire, the "Spider-Man” star, and veteran TV-poker commentator and broadcaster Gabe Kaplan have agreed to settle lawsuits which were brought by poker-cheat victims of a convicted racketeer who took part in Maguire's high-stakes Hollywood poker games. Maguire reached a settlement for $80,000 while Kaplan settled to receive $26,900. The claims were brought by bankruptcy attorney Howard Ehrenberg, who sought to recover nearly half a million bucks lost by an imprisoned man convicted of fraud, one Bradley Ruderman.