Monday, November 21, 2011

Syndicate Casino Cheating on the Rise in Singapore

Asian Cheat Favorite 3-card poker
Ever since two giant casinos opened in Singapore, casino and poker cheating has plagued the nation`s gaming tables. At first the casino-cheating attacks came from small international professional cheat groups and rank amateurs mostly from Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries. But know big-time Mafia-type Chinese and Asian crime syndicates are getting into the act, and I don't mean only loan-sharking and money-laundering types of crime. I am also talking about good old-fashioned table games and slot machine cheating scams. These syndicates are specializing in baccarat scams and poker-derivative-game scams, especially 3-card poker where they are using digital cameras and other high-tech equipment to scam Sinapore`s casinos.

And what makes these kinds of cheats a real pain in the ass for casinos is that they have muscle behind their cheating scams. They can scare authorities into not taking legal action against them when they are caught.

My suggestion to Singapore casino game-protection authorities: Start teaching your floor personnel to spot and stamp out casino table game scams before the cash rolls out of the cages!