Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Electronic Roulette Wheel Chjeats Out There!

Many of you may think that casino cheats cannot cheat electronic roulette wheels, but think again! Roulette cheats have come up with ingenious ways to do just that. In one case, a casino pit boss colluded with a group of organized casino cheats and pressed a button which signalled the ball to drop in one of the numbers his cohorts had wagered on. In another clever electronic roulette scam, the cheats converted casino comps into cash by covering all the bets on the layout which nullified their bets.

But the real ingenious scam on which clever electronic roulette cheats needed no inside help was the one where the cheats figured out, much the way they do on biased roulette wheels, that both the little ivory roulette ball and spinning wheel on several electronic tables never deviated speeds, thus they simply "clocked" those speeds and figured where the ball would land and bet accordingly.

My take: I love to hear casinos getting beat in areas where they think they cannot be!