Friday, September 02, 2011

Lock Poker and Poker Run Away From Portuguese Online Poker Cheat Jose "Girah" Macedo

Online Poker Cheat Macedo

Lock Poker and Poker have distanced themselves from poker player Jose “Girah” Macedo over the past weekend and both have released him from contract. It seems that “Macedo” confessed to participating in a high roller scam at these sites. Allegedly Macedo who is well known at Lock Poker and Poker, had invited some friends to the sites for some poker games, but one friend took a big hit and lost more money than he wanted, and that’s when Macedo decided to teach him how to cheat.

Macedo, who is know by the nickname, Portuguese Poker Prodigy, had become a very respected and trusted player among internet gamblers and once he was able to persuade them to manage their online skype meetings where he was given total access to their cards during each hand, which he then passed on to that player’s rivals at the table. Since his cheating days and ultimate exposure, Macedo has agreed to reimburse amounts totaling $300,000 to all players involved in his scams.

Officials at Lock Poker released a statement stating they had no idea of this cheating scam and were in absolute shock when told about it and who was involved. They have banned Macedo permanently, and Poker who had just joined with Macedo as a coach in the tutorial video content force has terminated their alliance with Macedo. The online poker community itself is left confused and frustrated by Macedo’s actions. Why would a poker pro with a good reputation risk it all? Money, respect, career and integrity for such a small total of cash, it is shameful.

My Take: This is what all the online poker networks do when a cheat is exposed inside them. What does it mean as far as the anti-cheating safety of Lock Poker and Poker Nothing really. Whether or not more online poker cheat scandals emerge on these networks is still a random proposition.