Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is Master Singapore Casino Cheat Really Dead...Or Just Hiding?

Source: Straits Times

The authorities in the Philippines are still pursuing fugitive Singaporean lawyer Loo Choon Beng despite news reports of his death in China. They are investigating if Loo, who went by the alias Ben Lui and is wanted in connection with a $25 million casino scam there, is really dead.

Dead Casino Cheat?
They are also continuing their search for assets registered in his name, and have kept him on the Interpol Purple Notice List. This requires countries which are members of Interpol, the international police body, to provide information on him should he be spotted.

My take: $25 Million!?? What the hell did he do...walk out with the building housing the casino? This all sounds like a big piece of crap? I never heard any specific details about twenty-five mil coming out of any or all of Singapore's casinos