Wednesday, September 07, 2011

$15 Million-Winning Blackjack Player Don Johnson Reveals How He "Cheated" Atlantic City Casinos

$15 Million BJ Chea....WINNER!
Let's start with the name. "Don Johnson" is already a cool start, and this version of that name is even cooler than the ultra-cool Don Johnson who played the ultra-cooler Detective Sunny Crockett in just about the coolest cop show in television history. This casino whiz Don Johnson, if you remember, beat three Atlantic City casinos out of a very, very cool $15 million bucks over a six month period beginning in late 2010 and ending in May, 2011. Yep, that's right! FIFTEEN MIL! That certainly has to be one of the great wins in casino history, cheating or not.

So DID he cheat?

Last July Johnson told several magazines and newspapers that his huge AC winning-streak not just massive good luck. He admitted conning the three casinos, Caesars, the Borgata and the Tropicana, into accommodating him with special rules that he knew (they didn't) would give him an actual percentage advantage over the house. He used those casinos' VIP player promotions to snow them over.

First he got the casinos to actually change their house blackjack rules. Then taking advantage of the huge competition between AC casnios to hook high rollers, he manipulated them into custom-tailoring their rebate policies, which actually give losing players a percentage of their losses back.

Johnson dictated to the three DUMB casinos that if they wanted to keep his action they had to oblige him a twenty percent rebate against his losses. That is a GIGANTIC offering! And if that weren't enough, he stipulated that the casinos attach a $500,000 loss-limit before the rebates kicked in, while getting them to raise their blakjack betting limits to a $100,000 per hand. For these courtesies, Johnson put a million bucks up on deposit in each casino cage.

What the stupid casinos didn't grasp was that Johnson, playng at a hundred grand per hand, often reached the $500,000 loss-limit very quickly and began getting 20% of his money back on succeeding losing hands. While he got to being ahead the five hundred grand, he gave the casinos back squat.

With all these stipulations, Johnson actually had a bigger advantage over the casinos than the casinos have against basic-strategy blackjack players.

Hard to believe three different casinos fell for this!...And more power to you, Mr. Cool, Don Johnson.