Thursday, August 25, 2011

Singapore Surveillance Inspector Charged With Cheating Marina Bay Sands Out of $150,000!

Eye in the Sky Cheat
Wow! This is the first case of a crooked surveillance officer ripping of his casino for some serious money! But that it happened in a Singapore casino, where casino cheating is rampant, is not at all surprising.


A former video surveillance officer with the Marina Bay Sands was charged on Aug 24 with cheating its casino of nearly $150,000 between July 16 and Aug 14, 2011.

Court documents state that on 33 occasions, Ho Boon Keat, 28, allegedly allowed accomplices to be paid winnings by deceiving the pit managers that their bets were valid.

The offences are said to have been committed on the Sic Bo tables of the casino. The game involves the spinning of three dice and there could be payment of up to 180 times of the bet if all three of a specific number appear.

It is believed that Ho's four accomplices would use sleight of hand to place late bets, known in the casino industry as past posting. If the pit manager suspected that the bet was placed after the results were known and calls up the video surveillance officer to check, it is believed Ho would give the all clear and the bet will be honoured. Two of the accomplices - Benson Ho, 24, and Ang Chee Peng, 28 - are at large, while Bai Qipei, 24, and Toh Kaida, 28, are presently assisting police in their investigations.