Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is It True That Cheating Has Decreased At The World Series of Poker?

In fact, it is. Why? The main reason is the sheer size of the event. Since professional poker tournament cheating syndicates thrive on collusion cheating at the poker tournaments, they have been taking their poker cheat operations elsewhere, mainly to smaller tournaments on the World Poker Tour and other professional poker tournament circuits.

Actually, cheating at the World Series of Poker has been declining for several years now, ever since the entry fields exploded to several thousand players for the main event as well as other events. Huge fields like those make it more difficult for the collusion cheating syndicates to get one or more of their members to the final table or even down to the last few tables. If they do not get a player or two down very deep in the tournaments, they will not make a profit, and professional poker cheats are not in it to lose money.

Of course other forms of cheating have thriven at the World Series of Poker, mainly chip dumping, chip pass-offs, chip hold-outs, even counterfeit-chip play. All these forms of tournament chip-cheating are implemented to get the poker cheats more chips in their tournament arsenal. But do to some highly publicized WSOP chip-cheating scandals the past few years, these forms of cheating have decreased as well.

Has poker-cheating been on the decrease overall?