Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dodge City, Kansas Casino Poker Dealers Accused of a New Form of Cheating--Running Illegal Poker Games on the Side!

Leslie Enriquez...Moonlighting?
The Daily Globe interviewed five people Wednesday about their reactions to news that the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission is investigating employees of Boot Hill Casino and Resort. The commission is looking into allegations that the employees were involved in illegal off-site poker games.

About two dozen employees could face suspension or loss of their state licenses, the Associated Press reported last week.

The Racing and Gaming Commission provided few details of the allegations, but spokesman Bill Miskell said most worked at the casino's table games, according to the AP. The employees under investigation will be notified that their licenses, which they need to work at the casino, are under review.

Here are the responses from the Globe interviews:

Q: What was your reaction to the news that the Racing and Gaming Commission is investigating employees of Boot Hill Casino and Resort?

Leslie Enriquez: "They shouldn't be investigated. Why? Everybody does it anyway. Everybody gambles."

Maria Gonzalez: "I think it's good because that way, employees know to be careful when they have people playing there, not cheating."

Frank Alcala: "I think if the people knew it was illegal, it was not a very smart idea to do it."

Pat Heeke: "My initial reaction was, 'How sad. We were the first state-owned destination casino, and now we have a black mark.'"

Patrick Whisennand: "Until the investigation continues and more details are brought out, I can't criticize nor be upset of what is going on."

My Take: Go for it, Leslie! Heck, it's better than cheating your own casino with an inside poker cheat scam.