Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Am Skeptical of Lake Charles Casino Claims That Cheats Made Half a Million Bucks Pastposting Roulette Tables

The latest on the L’Auberge Du Lac Casino Resort cheat scam in Lake Charles, Louisiana says two cheats, Derrick Weldon (the roulette dealer), 42, of Lake Charles and Charbel Tanous (the player/cohort), 33, of Houston, Texas cheated the casino by pastposting roulette bets. In other words, Weldon just stood idly by while his cohort pastposted (made late bets) on straight-up numbers on his roulette tables.

Well, how could this be possible? If the maximum payout on the table is $3,500, are they claiming that the pair pulled off the roulette pastpost cheat scam over a hundred times before surveillance got wind of it?

Come on, give us a break! There is something wrong here. If this casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana got beat for nearly half a mil, it wasn't some crooked dealer and his buddy making bets at roulette?

Why the bullshit?