Friday, May 13, 2011

Did Someone or "Someones" Cheat the Atlantic City Tropicana Out of $6 Million on the Blackjack Tables???

In stunning news yesterday, the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City reported nearly two million dollars in losses for the month of April on its blackjack tables. This is HIGHLY unusual and probably never happened in a single month before, not only in Atlantic City but perhaps in Las Vegas as well. Casino blackjact tables might have a losing day or two or three...but a losing month? NEVER!

The Tropicana also reported having lost $6 million to a single player. That's right--SIX MILLION! So what happened here. Is this a major blackjack cheating scandal we're soon to hear about? Is it another MIT blackjack card-counting ring? Or is that the casino raised the limits sky high for some preferred high roller (they can do this with New Jersey Casino Control permission) and got beat?

Well, I really don't know, but what makes me suspicious of a possible huge cheating ring (and I say cheating ring because just because one player won the money, others could have been involved in various capacities), is that the Atlantic City Borgata reported breaking even on their blackjack tables for the same month of April. Breaking even over a month on casino blackjack tables is about as rare as the casino showing a huge loss on its blackjack tables. So I am thinking it's possible that the same $6 million-winner at the Tropicana had something to do with the Borgata's poor blackjack-earnings performance for the same thirty days.

Stay tuned! We might soon be hearing of a HUGE casino cheating scam.