Friday, May 13, 2011

Craps Cheat Teams Hitting Pennsylvania Casinos

Since Pennsylvania casinos obtained table games last year, we've been hearing mostly about poker and blackjack cheating scams. But now the craps cheating teams are working the state's casinos. The first PA casino cheating bust for craps nabbed Dennis Sweeney, 67, of Germansville and Thomas Rooney, 49, of Reading, PA. They were bagged at the Hollywood Casino at Penn National for using a dice-control craps cheat scam. Supposedly Rooney slid the dice so that at least one of them would not hit the back wall of the craps table and tumble while Sweeney diverted the table's attention with good ol' Irish banter so the craps crew working the table would not notice the scam. I do not know if the crew eventually noticed or surveillance up in the sky caught on. The two craps cheats pocketed $2,400 on the craps tables before being busted.

My take: Well, "Rooney and Sweeney"...or "Sweeney and Rooney"...sounds like a good ol' fashioned Irish casino cheating ring!