Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Singapore Casino Cheat Working With Dealer on Inside Scam Gets Four and a Half Years in Prison

Thirty-two-year-old Tan Tiong Loon has just become the the first person in Singapore's young history of legal casino to gambling to be found guilty of cheating a casino in a partnership with a casino dealer. The already charged car-thief was out on bail for boosting cars when he committed the casino cheating offense last October 7th. Loon convinced 24-year-old dealer Keith Yong Kee-Hwei to cheat his big money wheel game for fifty percent of their ill-gotten winnings. Yong Kee-Hwei was able to manipulate the spin of the wheel with his hand on two different spins to get the big winners that totalled $31,500. Supposedly a Chinese gambler not involved in the scam caught on and ratted the pair out (tough break). The dealer has also been charged in the casino cheating scam but his case has not yet gone to court. I guess he will probably take a plea.

My take: Well, I always say: better to cheat casinos without the dealer-help. Problem is, hardly anyone is capable of doing that effectively.