Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Online Poker Cheat Bots Continue Their Forward March

Ever since Full Tilt Poker banned more than 400 accounts from its online poker site last year for using poker bots to cheat its games, the menace from the nefarious online cheating devices continues to sprout. With improvements in bot program technology that increases bots' artificial intelligence, those using sophisticated bot programs now play with a very significant edge over those online players playing honestly.

Michael Josem, a head security adviser at PokerStars, announced that PokerStars, which has always been at the front in the online-poker-cheating war, is currently investing large amouonts of money to fight the ever-encroaching cheat-enemy. He stressed that "human" online poker players should be able to play and enjoy themselves on PokerStars without fears of being cheated.

My take: Well, one thing I can say is that PokerStars seems to be the leader of all online poker sites when it comes to combating the huge cheating epidemic that has plagued all online poker sites. If any site can make a significant dent in the bots, it is certainly PokerStars.