Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Any Truth to Online Blackjack Cheating Claims?

If you surf blackjack cheating online, you will come across various sites claiming various methods for cheating online blackjack games. Are any of these claims true?

Let's examine the two online blackjack cheating methods I have come across the most. The first is the use of blackjack cheating bots. What is a blackjack bot? It is exactly the same thing as a poker bot. It keeps track of the cards played and allows the user to make decisions on betting strategies and hand-play based on the cards already played. Sounds good but the only problem is that at best these blackjack bots might help you count the cards, but unfortunately that means nothing as the cards are shuffled randomly via random number generators after every hand. In short, you can toss your blackjack bots.

The second blackjack online cheating claim is that you can use online blackjack cheat software to bypass the effectiveness of the random number generator, which shuffles the cards at a supposed total randomness. Although it is true that no machine can generate total randomness in card shuffling, the algorithm of shuffles is not predictable no matter what kind of software you are using in that aim. Sites selling random-number- generator cracking equipment claim that programs can find patterns in cards already dealt which allows it to predict the next cards that will be dealt and give an advantage to the user. They say that this is possible through flaws in random number generators. Only problem: the flaws, although there, are never nearly big enough to allow the online blackjack game to be beat via that type of cheating method.

My take: Forget about online blackjack cheating and stick to online poker cheating!