Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pro Poker Player Scherer III's Murder Trial is Long Way From Cheating Allegations

Although at his murder trial, Ernest Scherer III and the jury of his peers who are charged with either convicting him or acquitting him of his parents' double murder heard a tape on which evidence of cheating played in the courtroom. But it was not about cheating in poker; it was about cheating on his ex-wife Robyn, who was on the witness stand testifying against her ex-hubby Scherer III, who is a professional poker player good enough to have won $300,000 in tournaments, including a World Series of Poker Final Table appearance in 2006.

But the 32-year-old Scherer III, who is accused of the brutal baseball-bat-Turkish-sword double murder of his parents, who had loaned him more than $600,000 to buy his dream house with his ex-wife, allegedly killed his parents because his father was pressuring him to pay back the debt at the same time that his son had hit a bad losing streak in live poker ring games in central California, where both the murders and trial are taking place.

The evidence does not look good for Scherer, which means he will probably be spending the the rest of his life in California state prison, where he's been held without bail for the last two years since his arrest for the 2008 killings. Since he has been charged with murder with special circumstances, the death penalty is also a possibility in the case.

My take: Well, about the best we can hope for for Mr. Scherer III is that he gets to play in the prison poker games and win a lot of cigarettes, and that he doesn't get sentenced to death...I am really not trying to be funny here.