Friday, February 25, 2011

Accused Blogger/Reporter Poker Cheat Tekintamgac Now Suing Partouche Poker Tour!


Alleged poker cheat Ali Tekintamgac has decided to sue the Partouche Poker Tour over his dismissal from the tournament last year. Tekintamgac was removed from the final table of the tournament when a review of the video tape showed he was using an elaborate scheme to see other players’ hole cards.

Tekintamgac used a few strategically placed “bloggers” and “reporters” to relay the strength of Tekintamgac’s opponent’s cards through hand signals. After reviewing the video tapes the Partouche Poker Tour decided to disqualify Tekintamgac prior to the final table of the tournament; which had a €1.3 million first-prize.

At the time the Partouche Poker Tour turned over the evidence to French authorities, who were unable to detect the cheating going on from the videos –the scheme is quite elaborate, and without the help of professional casino security would probably be overlooked by typical law enforcement officers.

However, when Tekintamgac received word that charges would not be forthcoming, and the French authorities were unable to discern the cheating taking place he has decided to sue the Partouche Poker Tour for €1.5 million! Tekintamgac is suing not only for prize-money lost, but also for damages to his reputation –which he apparently values at €200,000. According to his lawyer, Filiz Tinas, “My client was never questioned by French authorities… He has very good chances of winning,”

My take: This is just another case of a guilty poker cheat taking advantage of the fact that it can't be proved he cheated...Heck, he'll probably sue me too!