Saturday, January 08, 2011

Online Poker Cheating and Casino Cheating Peek Into New Decade

For those of you who don't realize, we have just entered a new decade. As 2001 was the correct official year beginning the new millennium, 2011 is the correct year beginning the current new decade. Naturally casino and poker cheating evolves with the arrival of each new decade just like everything else in life does.

So what might we see in terms of new and advanced methods of poker and casino cheating in the years 2011 through 2020, both online cheating and brick and mortar cheating? Let's start with brick and mortar cheating. I imagine that most of you are familiar with roulette computers and scanners to predict in which quadrant the ivory ball will land. In the past decade, cell phones using digital chips and lasers became the state of the art equipment to do just that. But this decade might bring some higher-tech changes to roulette-ball-clocking, if you want to call it that. How 'bout lasers embedded inside pinky rings that emit low-enough beams to be undetectable to casinos' detection devices? Imagine a beautiful woman decked out in jewellery standing by the roulette table with a laser cell built into her diamond ring. The pit bosses would be too busy looking at her, even at her pretty hands, to suspect that she was clocking the wheel through her ring.

Better yet, how 'bout marking cards without marking cards? What I mean is actually seeing the faces of cards lying face-down on the table, without a single telling mark on their backs. What am I talking about? Well, it might be called "marking cards by MRI." That's right! I am suggesting performing magnetic resonance imaging on cards in the middle of a casino poker game. How's that for poker cheats? Or blackjack cheats spying the dealer's hole-card?

How could this be done? Well, I am not talking about walking into your local public poker room or cardroom with a giant tubular MRI tunnel into which you are somehow going to slip the cards without anyone else at the table noticing. Nor am I talking about some other clunking device that will produce the magnetic field necessary to image the faces of the hidden cards. What I AM talking about is a rapid MRI pencil shooter that will silently and magnetically beam the cards and reveal their frontal images onto a tiny screen your are wearing as guessed it...finger ring! AND, you will be wearing special glasses that allow you to see the screen on your ring.

And what about cheating at craps? No MRIs here. Just state of the art remote control devices that let you control the dice as they fly out of your (or anyone else at the table's) hands and across the table layout. Talk about dice-control! Forget all that Frank Scoblete bullshit...this is the real deal!

And this entire blog entry is nothing more than a figment of my imagination. Hope it gave you a good laugh, though!!! LOL