Sunday, January 30, 2011

Multiple-Entry Online Poker Tournaments....Do They Legitimize Cheating?

Some online poker sites, in response to all the online poker cheating (especially multiple-accounting cheating by which one player enters an online poker tournament several times under different accounts to gain an unfair advantage), have come up with a new anti-online poker cheating twist: allowing multiple entries into their weekly poker tournaments.

This means that tournament players can enter a tournament multiple times using the same account right in the open, as opposed to using multiple accounts under different names. Thus they don't have to cheat and give themselves a better chance of winning.

Is this some kind of way to allow cheating in online poker tournaments? Of course not. Anything done and allowed in the open is not cheating because any and all players can do it without violating any of the poker sites' rules. And besides, if the other players at the table know which hands belong to the multiple-entry player, that player's advantage is significantly reduced. I think it's a cool gimmick that really isn't going to change anything involving online poker cheating in the long-run.