Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year Poker Cheats, Casino Cheats, Casino Cheat Catchers and Poker Cheat Catchers!

The order of my blog-post-title New Year wishes has no bearing on to which group I wish the happiest New Year. And of course, Happy New Year to those of you who do not fall into any of these categories as well.

As many of you know from previously reading my blog or my books, New Year's Eve is the most profitable date on the calender year for poker cheating and casino cheating, especially casino cheating. On one particular New Year's Eve in the mid 90s, my casino cheat team booked more than $125,000 in profits--in one sole casino! Of course it was Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the casino my cheating teams worked exclusively over five New Year's Eves in a row!

I have been retired for a while now, but that doesn't change the fact that the world's current best casino and poker cheat teams were out there working last night. I have yet to hear any solid reports of big-time casino cheating incidents, but I did hear that two former partners of mine, Bats and Balls (they go together in the casinos just as nice as their nicknames sound), were back at it in Vegas last night, probably performing the Savannah move. I am never surprised to see Balls back cheating the casinos as he has always been a big blow-off artist in poker games and sports action and constantly needs cash infusions to feed the gambling habit.

I am also eager to hear of any major cheating busts coming out of casinos worldwide during the holiday weekend. I suspect we will be hearing some of this type of news out of Singapore, whose two new megacasinos have been plagued by cheat teams since opening earlier in 2010. As soon as I get this news I will pass it along.

So to all of you out there...Happy and Healthy New Year, and of course another happy year of reading casino and poker cheating news on